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The American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry (ABCR) was founded in 1971 and is the oldest Registry of Curly Horses. The goals of the ABCR are to preserve this rare horse breed, to promote the Curly Horse as much as possible in shows and in the media, provide education about the special features of the horses, and to protect the genetic pool of the small breed population worldwide.


Sign up NOW and profit by the services and benefits of the American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry, the oldest Curly Horse Registry with more than 5,600 registered Curly Horses worldwide:

1) PERSONAL SUPPORT: A District Representative is at your service and happy to assist you regarding any question about the Curly Horse Registration and anything else you might be interested in about the Curly Horse. Find your District Rep here: http://www.abcregistry.org/#/board-members/4553897714

2) REGISTRY SERVICES: Expect all Horse Registry Services at ABCR like issuing Pedigree Certificates, DNA sampling, Horse transfers, Re-issue of missing paperwork, assistance with DNA research, Coefficients of Inbreeding and Pedigree Quality and many others. Thanks to our high-functional database, we have all kind of Curly Horse information at a fingertip, which makes ABCR the first choice partner for research on the Curly Horse.

3) PREFERRED MEMBER RATES: Benefit from discounts on ABCR services for members that can quickly return the cost of a membership. Find details about our services and related fees here: http://www.abcregistry.org/#/fees/4582021615

4) FREE ONLINE RESOURCES: Have access to a Member Area online with great resources like historical and full searchable studbooks, latest research results and many more.

5) FREE SEARCHABLE ONLINE STUDBOOK: ABCR provides a fully linked ABCR Curly Horse Studbook ONLINE with more than 7,500 entries and currently 2,400 pictures including all ABCR horses. You can surf the fully linked pedigrees with pictures, explore full and half siblings, see the offspring and have a look at reverse and vertical pedigrees. You can also do trial matings and use the ABCR name generator.

6) ONLINE ACCESS TO HORSE FILES: Members have free read-access to the files of their ABCR horses in the ABCR cloud. ll you need is a Google eMail account and a proof of ownership. Send your request or questions to fileaccess@abcregistry.org.

7) BREEDER SERVICES: As a breeder, you are listed on the ABCR webpage. With nearly 250.000 visitors our webpage is a great marketing platform worldwide! Get also FREE SUPPORT calculating the Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) and Pedigree Quality of their existing ABCR horses or planned offspring. If required, ABCR supports breeders also FOR FREE with DNA comparisons against all registered ABCR horses.

8) PUBLICATIONS: Subscription to the Equine Journal within the US every month, with the latest ABCR news in it and many more interesting information from the world of horses. Get FREE ADS outside the US on our website. An electronic version of the Equine Journal is available online for you on our Website: http://www.abcregistry.org/#/curly-cues/4553752849

9) PROGRAMS: Get involved and sign up for the annual ABCR HIGH POINTS AWARDS. No matter if you prefer to show your Curly Horses on shows or trail riding, we have programs for everyone!

10) ORGANIZATION: Eligibility to vote in ABCR elections or serve on an ABCR committee

11) MEETINGS: ABCR provides an annual meeting (ABCR convention) for the membership every year at different places all over the world. Meet fellow members personally, chat about Curly Horses and have a good time! This year’s convention will be held in Kentucky: https://www.facebook.com/events/234374773390861/?fref=ts

12) FUN: Last but not least, be part of a big, helpful and happy community of Curly Horse addicted people worldwide and have fun! Share your adventures with your Curly Horse with us!

(full year, starting from payment date):
  $ 35.00 – regular member
  $ 70.00 – combined member/breeder

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