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The American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry (ABCR) was founded in 1971 and is the oldest Registry of Curly Horses. The goals of the ABCR are to preserve this rare horse breed, to promote the Curly Horse as much as possible in shows and in the media, provide education about the special features of the horses, and to protect the genetic pool of the small breed population worldwide.


ABCR requires four pictures of your Curly Horse for the registration. One picture will be used for the certificate. These pictures and especially the picture on the certificate shall promote your horse and help to identify it! Learn more about the Do’s and Don’ts when you take your pictures:
  • Choose a neutral or scenic background for your pictures. The background should not be cluttered so the focus is on the horse.
  • Make sure the ground is even and does not cover hooves or legs. Avoid muddy paddocks or pasture where not all details of the feet can be seen.
  • No other horses or people should be seen on the picture.
  • Be sure your horse is properly groomed so that all markings can be seen clearly.
  • If possible, take your pictures on a sunny day, but be aware of the shadows of yourself and the horse. Best have the sun in the back, considering your own shadow that should not fall across the horse. Best time of the day is early morning or later afternoon.
  • The head, front and hint legs should be seen clearly from all sides. Legs should preferably be spaced apart so that all markings can be seen. The ears should be erect.
  • It should be avoided that the horse is grazing while you are taking your pictures since the confirmation of your horse might look different then.
  • Be sure you get all four feet, legs and the complete head including ears.
  • Use a good quality camera, pictures can be sent in by email to abcregistry@aol.com or on a CD or DVD. Be sure that you write down the name of the horse.


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