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The American Bashkir Curly Horse Registry (ABCR) was founded in 1971 and is the oldest Registry of Curly Horses. The goals of the ABCR are to preserve this rare horse breed, to promote the Curly Horse as much as possible in shows and in the media, provide education about the special features of the horses, and to protect the genetic pool of the small breed population worldwide.


Body Confirmation
- A medium size head with well-defined jaw and throatlatch
- Wide set eyes with eyelashes that curl up
- Ears that are short to medium in length with curls inside(ear hair does not totally shed out in the summer)
- A medium length neck, deep at the base of the neck where it joins the base of the shoulder
- Noticeably short back, deep through the girth
- An appearance of a long under line and belly cut high in the flank
- Heavy boned legs and short cannon bone as compared to the forearm
- Medium withers and a flat croup with a shallow slope to the base of the tail.
Curly Characteristics
Body (Fine, soft hair)
- Ringlet (can be several inches long)
- Marcel Wave (deep soft wave in the body coat)
- Crushed Velvet (soft dense pile of curls in body coat)
Mane (Extra fine hair)
- Kinky -preferable
- Wavy
- Should shed all or partial in the summer
- Split mane (hangs on both sides of neck)
- Ringlets
- Wavy
- Should shed partial at the head of the tail in the summer or some horses may shed tail completely
- Curly - preferable
- Wavy
- Should shed in summer but still retain some long hairs
- Almost perfectly round in shape
- Very hard and dense
- Proportioned to the size of the horse
Size and weight
- Average - 15 hands
- Average weight - 800 to 1000 pounds
Unique Characteristics
- Curly coat can be hypoallergenic (the horsehair is round instead of flat and testing has shown the hair to be closely related to mohair)
- Can completely shed the mane and/or tail in the summer, only to grow back in the fall with the winter coat
- Noticeably short, strong back, sometimes indicating five lumbar vertebrae
- Even-tempered disposition
- Quick pulse and respiration recovery
- Very dense bone in the legs

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